Horse racing betting is popular in some countries such as Germany, Sweden, Australia, and USA. A major reason for the enduring popularity of horse betting is likely to be the ability to quickly decide whether to win or lose. Because in contrast to 90 minutes as in football games, a horse race only lasts around two minutes. Also, equestrian sport has an exciting odds system and betting is not strictly limited to first place. In virtual betting like major toto site (메이저 토토사이트), you can see major providers as well as bonus for race bettors.

Look for a lucrative sports betting bonus

Just like online casinos offer no deposit free spins for slot machines, betting portals offer bonus credits or free bets. It can therefore be worthwhile browsing for interesting offers and comparing them.

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Select a reputable online bookmaker for horse betting

A solid betting provider is characterized by the fact that detailed analyses are provided for the individual horse races. So even the layman gets the basic information why and how a horse is traded as a favorite. This makes it easier to weigh up which jockey could help his noble steed to victory and thus to his own profit. You don’t have to do a lengthy study of various racing stables to place a horse bet.

Differentiate between the two types of races

The most striking difference is of course the different gaits of the horses. All racehorses come from breeds that specialize in one of the two disciplines. Horse racing is generally the most common variant, with the jockey always riding on the back of the galloping horses.

In trotting, on the other hand, the horses pull behind a manned chariot called a sulky. In addition, there are montés, a relatively rare alternative that is also known as monté. The rider sits in the saddle like in a gallop race, but on a trotting horse.

Know what the competition rules of canter and harness racing are based on

Fundamentally, all horse racing is about placing and preferably winning at the end of the race. If a horse starts to trot during a race, it doesn’t matter as long as the jockey finishes seated in the saddle. On the other hand, trotters who switch to a canter will be immediately disqualified.

Consider different betting options

In equestrian sport there are always several contenders who are said to have good chances in the fight for first place. As a result, bets on favorites pay out significantly higher profits than at other comparable sporting events. In the case of underdogs, the lower odds of winning are offset by better payout percentages.